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tHuman S100A11 Exhibits Differential Steady-State RNA Levels in Various Tissues and Distinct Subcellular Localization.


Hiroyasu Inada, Michiko Naka, Toshio Tanaka, Gabriela E. Davey and Claus W. Heizmann
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 263 135-138 1999

In order to analyze the steady-state RNA levels of S100A11 in different tissues, a cDNA fragment of human S100A11 was isolated from a cDNA library. The obtained fragment was labeled and hybridized to RNA isolated from various tissues. The Northern blot analysis revealed that S100A11 RNA levels varied from high in placenta, through intermediate in heart, lung, kidney, and most muscle samples, to barely detectable in brain. An efficient purification method for recombinant S100A11 yielding high quantities was developed. Furthermore, to examine the subcellular localization of this protein, the human polypeptide S100A11 antibodies were raised in rabbit. S100A11 was found to have a localization distinct from other S100 proteins examined, and is mostly localized in the nucleus, with slight variations among different glioblastoma cell types.