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Systems Pharmacology

The Systems Pharmacology of Mie University has particular strengths in the areas of zebrafish-based drug discovery and precision medicine.
Systems pharmacology is defined to identify the gene clusters which are involved in determining the responsiveness and to distinguish responders and non-responders to a given drug. Genome sequencing, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome and phenome analysis are of particular significance in systems pharmacology. Sequencing is used to locate polymorphisms, and monitoring of functional gene expression can provide clue about the genomic response to disease and treatment. The transcriptome analysis can be done by methods of differential hybridization (cDNA microarray, oligomicrochip et al.) and RNA seq. We used transcriptome/proteome/metabolome/phenome analysis to identify therapeutic target genes by studying change of gene expression in animal models(zebrafish) and patient-derived xenograft zebrafish model of various diseases and found novel drug target candidates through this systems pharmacological strategy. The systems pharmacology has the potential for strategy to define novel drug targets in various diseases and holds the promise that drugs might be precision medicine for each individual patient.

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